Corporate Training

Boland College can provide an extensive range of customised training and support solutions to assist your organisation to succeed in the development of your business and give your workforce that important competitive edge. By working in partnership with our occupational team, you will ensure that any training that you require is tailor-made to your business needs and makes a

positive impact on your organisation, as well as your customers or community.

One of the main benefits when Boland College delivers such customised training is that it is usually offered at very competitive prices, while ensuring excellent standards are maintained.

Step-by-step Process

Identify a suitable training intervention.

Contact the Occupational Education and Training Department of Boland College to quote for the delivery on the training intervention.

The programme is either developed or customised according to your needs.

Learning programme ends and applicable certificate is issued either by the college or the certification authority.

Continual monitoring of the project.

The learning programme begins after an induction process.

Main Benefits

• Customised training to customer specification
• Reputable organisation with proud heritage
• Training guided by stringent standards
• Cost effective
• Flexible modes of delivery