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Applying for the
National Diploma

Application for a National N-Diploma (Report 191)

You can apply for your National N-Diploma once you have finished your N6 certificate issued by the Department of Education and on submission of proof of 18 months or 2 000 hours* of suitable experience in the industry and a minimum of three years after the candidate entered the tertiary level. However, exemption or recognition of applicable experience or of prior learning, could be approved by the Department of Education to comply with the required three years duration.

You have to apply through the campus where you completed your studies at Boland College for the Diploma. Take note that the College is only the point of contact for the application and any Diploma is issued at the discretion of Department of Higher Education and Training, the College has no power to decide when work experience is sufficient or not. Selection is extremely strict and all documentation must be the originals (excluding certified copies where required). No copies/faxes will be accepted.

The following documents must be handed in by you:


Complete the application form of the National Department of Higher Education and Training. You can download it here.


  • Certified copies of your N4, N5 and N6 certificates as well as your identity document. Certification may not be older than 3 months.
  • Certified copies of statements of results (not older than 3 months at the time of submission).


A letter on a letterhead from your employer(s) which has to contain the following information:

  • Specific dates as proof of the period in which you gained work experience that is relevant to your specific field of training. Refer to “National Exam Instruction No 21 of 2000, point 1.10”. The proof of experience must be in two main subjects of your N6 qualification.
  • A Certificate of Service that confirms that the candidate worked for more than 18 months, and
  • A complete duty sheet (job description) stating what your duties were.

You are requested to read the circular “National Exam Instruction 21 of 2000” carefully so that you can acquaint yourself with the requirements which are set by the National Department of Higher Education and Training.

The Department will under no circumstances issue a Diploma unless the candidate strictly complies with the requirements.

*N.B.: 2000 hours is only applicable to students who have done practical work during their theoretical training.

Post / Courier / Hand Deliver

Please send your completed application and documentation via registered post/courier, or hand delivered for attention the Student Administration office on campus. Please keep in mind that applications take between 2-12 months to be processed.


  • Students and host employers must note that the issue of the National N-Diploma is a DHET/QCTO process and not a college internal process.
  • The in-service training component of your qualification is a prerequisite to qualify for the National N-Diploma.
  • The evidence submitted as proof of your workplace experience gained, must be comprehensive and relevant against your two major subjects at the N6 level.
  • Please note that all subjects at all levels must be passed to qualify for your N-Diploma.
  • Students may proceed with planned workplace experience while completing outstanding components/subjects.
  • The final verification of the relevant experience resides with the DHET/QCTO.
  • Condonation can only be granted at National Certificate level, but not at National Diploma level.