Students / Student Representative Council (SRC)

Student Representative
Council (SRC)

Student Governance and Leadership Development

The Continuing Education and Training (CET) Act, 16 of 2006 Chapter 3, Section 9(1) states that “Every public college must establish a Council, an Academic Board and a Student Representative Council”.

The Act makes various references to the SRC who must serve on the other two statutory college structures, namely the Council and the Academic Board.

Boland TVET College acknowledges the role that the SRC as Student association plays in the student community and supports the goals of the SRC. Student leadership development initiatives are important in providing student leaders with the necessary support and skills for effective leadership that is relevant to the current context, as well as inclusive in approach. Student leadership development not only assists student leaders through an experiential approach that is grounded in a theoretical framework, but it also communicates to student leaders that they are valued, appreciated and considered integral to the governing structures at Boland TVET College.

Are you interested to become the voice of your fellow students?

If yes, use your democratic power to elect your campus SRC members and class representatives. Student leaders will address your issues and help to make student life more fun. Make sure you volunteer your help and attend Student Parliament to make your voice heard. Feel free to speak to your SRC members on campus if you encounter any problems or challenges.

For more information, contact the SSDS office on your campus.