Oct 27, 2023

Left to right: Elton Valla(Boland College), Muis Hasslegher(Soli), Vincent Uys(Boland College), Jacob Coetzee(Koue Bokkeveld Opleidingsentrum), Anel du Toit(Koue Bokkeveld Opleidingsentrum), Carel Jaspers(Q-Point)

We are thrilled to announce our latest project at Worcester Campus, building upon the success of our Greenhouse initiative!

Our Esteemed Project Partners in this exciting project is  the Koue Bokkeveld Opleidingsentrum,  SOLI (Solar Company) and Q-Point. Q-Point, hailing from the Netherlands, was an integral part of our Greenhouse Project’s success. Their continued commitment to our shared vision is a testament to the lasting impact we aim to achieve.

The core focus will be to empower farmers, from emerging talents to seasoned experts, with cutting-edge knowledge and practices in:

  1. Renewable Energy
  2. Good Agricultural Practices
  3. Sustainable Farming
  4. Food Security and Food Safety

The official project kick-off took place on Wednesday, 26 October 2023, at the Worcester Campus. The enthusiasm and dedication of our team and partners guarantee the success of this venture. Boland College is brimming with excitement for this journey, and we are confident that it will mark a resounding success. Together, we’ll cultivate a brighter and more sustainable future!

Stay tuned for updates as we grow, learn, and prosper together.