Pre-vocational Learning Programme

What you should know

This programme is there to prepare students for access into a TVET college to follow a specific vocational learning path, and with the learning foundations provided to improve the students’ chances of completion.

Other good things about the PLP:

• It will give you a chance to learn about studying after school
• You will have a chance to decide what you REALLY want to do – remember if you
enjoy what you do it will feel like you never work a day in your life
• You will have an advantage over other students who did not do the PLP – students
who did the PLP mostly do much better later provided they continue to work hard


Pass Grade 9 and PACE test & LPCAT (Learning Potential Test) results


1 Year


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What subjects will I be taking?


Foundational English

If you can’t speak or understand English well, you will struggle to study other subjects. You will practice speaking and understanding English well. You will also learn to understand what you read.

Foundational Mathematics

You don’t have pure Mathematics, or you have Mathematical Literacy, or you did not do very well at Mathematics and now you need good maths marks to study for your dream career. PLP will help you learn the mathematics you need to succeed.

Foundational Life Skills & Technology

One of the most important things you need to know to do well at college and maybe later at university is how to study. The PLP Life Skills subject will teach you how to set goals for your studies and in your life and work towards them.

Foundational Science

Science is all around us. It does not matter what you want to do – engineering, hospitality, hairdressing, everybody uses science to do the job in some way. PLP Science will teach you what it is about and how much fun it is to discover new things. We do experiments in class to show the practical side of Science – which is very entertaining and an eyeopener as to what Science entails.