Registration 2020

Registration at Boland College kicks off with a bang!

With our matriculants completing their school career the biggest question in many households is currently “where and how my child can further their tertiary education” and how will many parents be able to afford further studies?

On 14 January 2020 Boland College kicked the registration of with a bang like no other! With lines and lines of students wanting to apply, students that are pre-approved and returning students, the days were long and coffee breaks were far and few, but in the end of the day, it was all worth it by ensuring the students get a chance to better their future.

In a record time of 9 days, all classes and all programmes was filled. “We are very excited about the new year with all its possibilities.” said Mrs Coetzee (Principal: Boland College). As part of our strategic drive to be more inclusive, Boland College entered into a partnership last year with the Hein Wagner Academy at Worcester to enable blind/severely visually-impaired students the opportunity to obtain a qualification. “We were thrilled to welcome them back to the campus.” Building and  strengthening our core values, we are privilege to also welcome NID (National Institute for the Death) to the Boland College family by having a group of their students on our Worcester Campus.

If you missed out on a seat for the first semester, do not worry! Applications will open again on 1 March for our second semester. Keep your eyes locked on our social media for all the latest news and updates.