Specialised training for students with visual impairments

Boland College’s values is one of the drivers when the College looks to how we can help and benefit our wider communities. The first of these is to create a culture of inclusivity. With that in mind the College is extremely proud about its newest partnership with the Hein Wagner Academy (HWA) in Worcester.

Boland College, one of the top TVET colleges in South Africa will be offering specialized training programs for post matric students with visual impairments. The partnership formed between the College and HWA came after the disabled community received the shocking news towards the end of 2018 that the Innovation for the Blind post school training facility in Worcester will close down.

The partnership with the HWA entails that the College will offer the programs and the HWA will provide the facilities, e.g. buildings, residence, computers, braille text books, audio software etc.   Boland College appointed specialist lecturers who have more than 30 years’ experience in lecturing to blind and visually impaired students.  The first group started in July 2019 studying towards a National N-Diploma in Marketing Management or Management Assistant. Qualifying students can also apply to NSFAS. These bursaries is not only for tuition but includes the opportunity to apply for a transport or accommodation allowance.

Boland College is extremely proud to partner with Hein Wagner to establish an excellent training opportunity for blind students. With this partnership, visually impaired students will now have the opportunity to obtain a qualification that will enable them to take up their responsibilities to become productive citizens in our country. Prospective students with a matric certificate can contact Anneline Taljaard at the Disability Unit at Boland College Head Office at 021 886 7111, or send an email to corne@heinwagneracademy.org  for more information.