If you would like to kick-start your studies in 2017, then now is the time to act!

Boland College’s Second Semester Registration has been extended to 26 July 2017, which makes it the perfect opportunity to get your ducks in a row. Various Boland College campuses are now offering a selection of programmes, whether you’re interested in Office Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Educare, Tourism or Hospitality.

Worried about financing your studies? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about bursaries and other financial aid options available to you. 

Available Programmes






Economic and Management Sciences
National Certificate: Human Resource Management (N4)
National Certificate: Financial Management (N4)
National Certificate: Business Management (N4)
National Certificate: Marketing Management (N4)
Hospitality, Tourism and Sport
National Certificate: Tourism (N4)
National Certificate: Hospitality and Catering Services (N4)
Office Management Sciences
National Certificate: Management Assistant (N4)


What you must bring along:

The following list of important documents must be included when applying to register for a programme, bursary, residence accommodation or travel allowance. Please ensure that you bring all the required documentation, or you will not be able to apply.

  • 2 Certified copies of your ID
  • 1 Certified copy of your latest results (Grade 12 for N1-N6)
  • 1 Proof of residential address (something like a utility bill)
  • If you are an international student, your valid study permit

In addition to what you need to bring to register for class, all students who wish to apply for financial aid/bursaries must apply for it from scratch.

This means that even if you are a senior student (Level 3, Level 4, N5, N6, N2, N3) you are not guaranteed a bursary and you must apply like all new students for the bursary/transport allowance. The following supporting documents must accompany the application:

    • 5 Certified copies of your ID
    • Academic results of applicant
    • Proof of residence
    • Copy of ID or Birth Certificates of ALL household members
    • Proof of income of parent(s) or guardian:

(a) Student must provide details on the employment status of both of their parents or guardian (i.e. salary slip). If one or both of them are unemployed, please provide a sworn affidavit
(b) Student must submit a death certificate if one/both parent(s) is/are deceased or an affidavit if they don’t know their whereabouts
(c) Sassa letter or pension slip if the guardian or parents are pensioners
(d) Marital Status documents (attach a certified copy of the marriage certificate, a certified copy of the divorce decree letter or a certified copy of the death certificate if married, divorced or widowed)

  • Printed proof of registration
  • Report(s) of ALL students in the household
  • Signed bursary application
  • Completed and signed Transport Application Form
  • 1 Proof of residential address (something like a utility bill)
  • 1 Copy of your ID
  • Proof of NSFAS Bursary (you will get this at registration)
  • Printed proof of registration (you will get this at the campus as you complete the process)

Contact Us

Head Office

Caledon Campus
Contact Person: Grethe Conradie
t: 028 212 3270 or 082 339 8872

Paarl Campus
Contact Person: Yolanda Phakela
t: 021 872 3323

Stellenbosch Campus
Contact Person: Liesl Brink
t: 021 887 3027

Strand Campus
Contact Person: Monica Yanta
t: 021 853 7611 or 071 689 7587

Worcester Campus
Contact Person: Ranalda van Rooy
t: 023 348 6920