A collaboration between Devatron, the Media Information Communication and Technologies SETA (MICT) and Boland College has implemented a new seamless electronic system that allows online verification for students.

Boland College had the privilege to take hands with MICT SETA and Devatron to assess occupational students by means of a new technological and eco-friendly manner. With the new system, students have access to their online portfolio, enabling assessment to be done online. This eliminates the printing costs of portfolios and also makes the assessment more user-friendly for facilitators.

Devatron, as the designers of the new online submission software, strongly believe that their versatile and internationally sanctioned new system could eventually be capable of also offering verification reports online.


The system collects evidence and generates reports for each learner and their assessment tasks or assignments. It then updates itself to a central verification server, which facilitators can access. This results in a seamless process, which is cost-effective as well as a time-saving tool.

The system is currently being introduced and implemented in two provinces and Boland College is the first TVET College in the Western Cape who will be utilising this system.

The most important aim of this system is effectiveness, maintaining an excellent standard of education, reducing wasteful expenditure and moving forward with the aid of technology.

David Bierman (CEO: Devatron) had to following to say regarding the system and implementation: “I think from a service provider point of view, it offers service across sectors and a highly mobile solution in which they are able to serve their education cycles far more effectively and at far better standards than ever before. It streamlines a lot of administrative burden of a facilitator handling assessments.”

This new system implemented at Boland College provides the college with a level of authenticity and technological advancement, in addition to being cost-effective and user-friendly.

It gives the college a clear guideline to manage and monitor standardised assessments of students across the board. As all the data is being collected individually and in a uniform manner throughout the entire value chain, Boland College facilitators will have the ability to access and interpret this data from value chain/tests.

The system itself was developed by Mr. Bierman and his team, using their experience of building a system that was internationally approved. They had a lot of components already in place and wanted to introduce this more effective system to local educational institutions and to satisfy the MICT SETA requirements,” explains Bierman.

The message to TVET Colleges with regards to electronic media and the use therefore is one of embracing new technology and systems to make the assessment of students more effective. “We would like to see it become a standard part of the training provider’s toolkit in which they are managing the learner, managing a portfolio of evidence and collecting a portfolio of evidence. Thirdly this is a tool to utilise when facilitators are conducting assessments.” Bierman said.

Rona van der Westhuizen (Manager: Occupational Studies) said the following when approached for comment: “Boland College is very excited to implement this new system and we are privileged to be the pioneer of this new technological assessment tool. We hope that this endeavour also encourages the sector to stay on the forefront of technological advancement, as to ensure excellent service delivery.”