Boland College recently was privileged to learn that the College Council, the highest governance structure according to the Continuing Education and Training (CET) Act (16 of 2006), had been approved and hence appointed by the Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande.

The responsibilities of the College Council includes the development of the College statute and overseeing the development of the College’s strategic plan. The strategic plan normally should incorporate the mission, vision, goals and planning for funding of the College, address past imbalances and gender and disability matters and include safety measures for a safe learning environment for students, lecturers and support staff.

Further responsibilities include the determining of the language policy, ensuring that the College complies with accreditation requirements, as well as – after consultation with the Student Representative Council (SRC) – provide for a suitable structure to advise on policy for student support services.

The council of a public college consists of the principal, five external persons appointed by the Minister, one member of the academic board elected by the academic board, one external member representing donors, one lecturer of the college elected by the lecturers of the college, one member of the support staff of the public college elected by the support staff and two students of the public college, elected by the SRC of the public college. Although some members are elected from groups of staff, it is not a constituency based body.

Pictured above are the members of the new Boland College Council (back from left to right): Fabian Christian (SRC Chairperson whose term of office has since expired – he is replaced by Ms Roshan Vermeulen, President Boland College SRC, and Mr Mveleni Damane Vice-President Boland College SRC), Herman van der Merwe (Chairperson Finance Committee), Harlan Cloete, Brian Phike (Academic Board Representative), Andre Olivier, Danny Plaatjies (Educator Staff Representative) and Jandré Bakker (Support Staff Representative). Front (from the left): Dr Llewelyn MacMaster, Sindi Lingela (Vice-Chairperson), David Bleazard (Chairperson), Corrie Myburgh (Principal), Zozo Siyengo (Chief Director TVET Colleges Department of Higher Education Western Cape Branch), Nokuzuka Matolengwe, Vaugh Pietersen and Dr Gcwalisile Kabanyane. Apology: Dr Christa van Louw (chairperson: Human Resources Committee).