Ensuring that students have access to the latest technology is important to send a student into the workplace who can be effective from the day they step into a position. To ensure that classes run smoothly from an educator’s perspective as well, information technology infrastructure must continuously be maintained and updated. Once a piece of equipment has reached the end of its usable lifespan for the college and has to be written off, it does not mean its usable life cannot be extended to someone with less technical needs.

Boland TVET College recently donated computers to 26 Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres whom form part of the Our Helder ECD Forum. Francina December, one of the ECD Facilitators at Boland TVET College Strand Campus, identified the needy centres.

“The aim is not to simply dump computers, but to have them refurbished and then reinstalled to a level that would assist these practitioners in the daily running of their centres,” said Cecile van Rooyen, Campus Manager at Boland TVET College Strand Campus.

Anthony Georgina from St Mary’s Educare Centre in Lwandle was very excited and could not believe that Boland TVET College had donated the computers to them, mentioning that the computers will make their lives so much easier. Francina December as the chairperson of the forum added: “I would like to pass over my sincere gratitude to Boland TVET College, because the workers at the ECD Centres used to do their admin (contracts, policies) at Internet cafés. This meant additional expenses and time away from their centres.”

This initiative does not only provide resources to centres whose practitioners we train on various learnerships, but gives more holistic support to ECD development in the province, formalising management structures within these centres while decreasing the amount of discarded electronics that pollute, and forms part of the various Going Green initiatives of the college.

In the photo: Francina December (fifth from the left), Chairperson of the Our Helder ECD Forum, at the handing over ceremony of the computers to 26 ECD Centres.