A priority for any college is to recruit students as this is their core business and it goes without saying that the same applies to Boland College. Therefore Boland College has employed an integrated recruitment approach making use of above the line advertising, radio, print and social media to target young people with information that could change the course of their lives.

Boland College’s recruitment team is committed to exhibiting the courses on offer and the College’s brand at exhibitions right through the year. The team has done school visits in the greater Cape Town area and beyond the borders of the Western Cape – using flyers and pamphlet drives, career talks in communities and mall exhibitions to the Boland College official advertising campaign which consists of print media and radio to disseminate important information such as applications dates, registrations dates, requirements for study-enrolment and bursary information.

The College had two very successful public events this year namely the FET Open Week and the official annual Boland College Open Day both of which impacted positively on the intake of students. At the start of November the “Apply Now” campaign was rolled out and this enabled prospective students to apply immediately and register in January 2015 when a new campaign was launched to run in conjunction with registration to create even greater awareness which will positively impact the numbers of the intake per course.

Moreover, the College is in the process of introducing three new courses: Primary Health, Primary Agriculture and Transport and Logistics – for these a separate marketing and publicity campaign was implemented in malls situated in areas where Boland College campuses are located.
All the marketing events were done with the aim of increasing the intake for 2015 and getting as much information as possible to prospective learners.