Boland College has launched a few initiatives at their various campuses to commemorate National Book Week (1-7 September) this year. Stellenbosch campus decided to commemorate this week by opening a student library in order to motivate students to read more.

The student library’s aim is to focus on the joy of reading and to create a love for reading in students by making books and magazines much more accessible to students.

“A student can visit a library in his or her residential area, but students do not always have the time or transport to visit libraries after classes. It is much easier for students to visit the library on campus” said Ms Haumann, a lecturer at Boland College.

At present the ‘library’ is in a cabinet at the back of a classroom, but judging by the response from students and lecturers, who have donated books and magazines so generously, a bigger venue will soon be needed.

Any donations for the student library will be much appreciated.

Brenda Benjamin, Geordie Goliath en Davern Davidse