The International Sport Diploma students of Boland College (BC) showed how strong their hearts beat for their communities. One particular community they feel very strong about is the deaf community.

In collaboration with the National Institute for the Deaf (NID) the students played their part in making a difference in the lives of deaf individuals who live with multiple impairments and disabilities. This took the form of memorial runs in order to raise funds which also formed part of the 133rd service year of the NID. Not only was the aim to raise funds but also to increase awareness of the institution but more importantly of people living with the impairment.

After the relay through Stellenbosch and surrounds, Wickus van der Westhuizen (Faculty Manager) said that it is heart-warming that students still show passion for worthy causes in a time where the youth is often accused of apathy. Hendre Smit and Anneme C-Lazarus (lecturers) added that these students through their selfless acts should inspire other study fields to make a difference because only then will institutions of learning truly become corporate citizens.