Boland College proudly announces the appointment of Corrie Myburgh as their new Principal (position previously known as the Chief Executive Officer but changed in accordance with the FET Colleges Act as Amended).

The position became vacant when the previous Principal, Mr Chops Fourie, retired due to ill health. The process took months due to very high standards set for the new incumbent and that the entire process was handled by the Department of Higher Education and Training themselves. Corrie Myburgh, mother of two, completed her BA Commerce degree at Stellenbosch University (1970), followed by a Secondary Diploma in Education (1971) majoring in Economics and Industrial Psychology, something she still sees as her passion till today.

After being involved in education and in the private sector her path was open to be appointed at an FET College at Upington (1980). “I could then implement industry experience in the education business which benefited the students,” say Myburgh. Her vast experience in management of FET Colleges contributes to her ability to lead one of the leading FET Colleges to even greater success. “By managing education and training, corporate services, finances, students, governance and regulatory and legislative frameworks at Upington College, Paarl College and Boland College I have grown with the sector and the institutions.”

Her experience in FET Colleges totals more than 25 years of which 18 years have been in management positions. She joined the Paarl College in 1995 where she held the position of principal until the merger process of Boland College had been finalised. After the merger process of Boland College were finalised in 2000, she held the following management positions:
(i) Campus Manager Paarl Campus: 1 January 2000 – 31 March 2003
(ii) Vice-Principal: Education and Training at Boland College: 1 April 2003 – 31 December 2007
(iii) Vice-Principal: Corporate Services: 1 January 2008 – 31 July 2012
(iv) Principal Boland College in an acting position since 21 November 2011 and now permanently appointed in the position from August 2013.

“My vision is that all staff at Boland College [and education institutions as a whole] value the student as the centre of our core business and that all other operations at the college support education and training,” Myburgh says. She continues to by stating that Boland College continues to make a significant contribution to the expansion of skills development within South Africa, as envisaged by the Minister of Higher Education and Training. With adequate financial and infrastructural support, Boland College will achieve its goals for further expansion in the future.

“Boland College must continues to play an important role in facilitating partnerships with industry, government departments, community organisations and donors to open up training opportunities that reflects local economic demand for students which will lead to improved employability and increased work integrated learning,” she says. “I am proud of what Boland College has achieved over many years,” she says and continues, “And look forward to leading the college to significant growth in the offering of Engineering programmes and Artisan training.”

The Department of Higher Education and Training is appreciative of the quality of education and training and other business functions of Boland College. “I would like to thank and congratulate all staff of Boland College for your dedication and work well done and look forward to the next chapter in the Boland College success story,” said Myburgh.